Why try a playgroup?

  • The room with materials has been prepared. 
  • There is no need to set up activities, the tutor has done the work for you. 
  • Your child can choose from a wide range of activities to work on. It would be a bit difficult to offer the same number of activities in a home environment. 
  • You have the opportunity to observe your child working with thg materials - how he uses them, which he is more interested in. It can inspire you to offer similar or advanced activities at home. 
  • You can create a community with like-minded parents. Sharing ideas and experiences is useful, especially if you have children of the same age.
  •  If you are thinking about your child's further Montessori education, the child-parent playgroup is a good place to learn about Montessori pedagogy. 
  • Your child will become acquainted with the prepared environment and you will be able to see if Montessori is suitable for the child and you. 
  • You can ask the tutor about the Montessori methodology. 
  • You can focus on your child without interruption. No need to worry about daily chores, it is time for the two of you to be together.