How does a playgroup look like?

The tutor greets your child on arrival. The child hangs up their coat and sits then on a low chair to change into their slippers. At the same time their friends are arriving to the class.

The child then finds the activity on the shelf that they are interested in and takes it to a table to work or takes a floor mat and places the activity on the mat to work. The child can choose between eye-hand coordination materials, explore thematic language baskets, practice using art materials, take care of the plants, climb and get better at equilibrium and have a go at the woodworking station under their parent close supervision. The child can also practice cleaning after themselves.

When the child wishes, it is possible to join the directress in preparing a small communal meal - press juice, spread butter on crackers, cut fruit. Then everybody is invited to set the table and eat together, We also practice cleaning up. If some other activity is more interesting at the time, the child can continue with it instead.

After a small meal we gather in the circle and sing some fun songs to finish the class.

The parents stay for the session and observe their child at work. The parent steps in as little as possible and as much as needed to allow the child independence.

The tutor also assists the child and presents the activities. For every session she gives a small assignment for the parent to practice in the class.